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With the fast-paced IT industry and constantly evolving world, faster delivery of high-quality software and continuous improvement define the success and potential growth of a company. In this, DevOps plays a crucial role aiming at optimizing collaboration between Dev and Ops, shortening the development life cycle, and ensuring continuous delivery of quality products.

When looking for top-notch DevOps services at affordable costs, many companies opt for hiring remote DevOps consultants on-demand, which proved to be a highly effective and cost-efficient option

Here, you can get top-level consultancy services provided by remote part-time DevOps experts with remarkable expertise in different cloud solutions (AWS, GCP, Azure, etc.). What’s more, this flexible option allows you to pay only for the hours the consultant works on your project.

Benefits of DevOps Consulting for Business

Our part-time DevOps consultants work on-demand, meaning you can get high-quality assistance when needed and for the time needed only. Consultancy comes as a more cost-effective option compared to hiring an in-house expert.

An experienced DevOps consultant can help you to streamline collaboration between Dev and Ops. Consultants can foster efficient software development through CI/CD and a knowledgeable expert knows how to ensure faster time to market. Additionally, remote DevOps promotes automation of repetitive tasks, leaving more room for innovation and can also establish continuous testing to detect issues early on. Moreover, a skilled consultant can also advise on software development costs optimization.

Here are the types of businesses that can benefit from DevOps consultancy the most:
  • Companies in need of setting up the initial infrastructure;
  • Businesses requiring cloud cost optimization;
  • Agencies migrating to a new system;
  • Projects with an ad-hoc need for a consultant with niche knowledge/experience;
  • Projects requiring pure consultancy of a Senior-level DevOps specialist on-demand.

Cloud DevOps Consultants to Hire

Azure DevOps

Experts skilled with Azure dev tools (previously known as Visual Studio Team Services)

Google Cloud DevOps

Engineers with vast experience with GCP (Google Cloud Platform).

AWS DevOps

Specialists skilled with Amazon Web Services.

IBM DevOps

Professionals with a deep knowledge of IBM Cloud solutions.

Whatever cloud you are working with, we will find the right consultant for your business needs!

Let’s take a look at the tasks a remote DevOps consultant could assist your business with:

  • Platform status analysis.
    A skilled consultant can conduct quality analytics of the current system, using the latest approaches and tools, and suggest the right tech and procedures to solve existing and potential problems.
  • Infrastructure cost optimization.
    We can provide you with highly skilled specialists, who know tips and tricks of cloud services pricing models, thus, you can receive assistance with analyzing and optimizing infrastructure costs.
  • System maintenance.
    A dedicated expert can take care of the proper application performance and system availability, from the initial setup to maintenance and current status analysis.
  • Planning, testing, and development.
    A highly skilled expert can consult you on common topics and typical difficulties that businesses experience, like infrastructure planning, testing, and development.
  • CI/CD.
    Especially relevant for new software setup, remote and part-time specialists can help you to configure continuous integration and continuous delivery and establish processes for your development team.
  • Load testing & auto-scale.
    A consultant can take care of tracking end-user analytics and app metrics and advise on further infrastructure adaptation and performance optimization.
  • Monitoring.
    A dedicated specialist can assist with intensifying the deployment process by configuring monitoring processes and ensuring continuous deployment.
  • Incident management.
    An experienced specialist may help with investigating production incidents, thus, reducing their number in the future and automating troubleshooting.
DevOps Services We Provide

Here, you can find Cloud, IaC, CI/CD, and DevSecOps experts with remarkable expertise and experience in your field.

Cloud DevOps

Cloud computing takes IT processes to the next level, and a skilled engineer knows how to transform and streamline processes with the help of advanced tools, automation, and cloud solutions. Cloud specialists are skilled in using different cloud services to build software delivery pipelines, deploy and monitor services, and optimize processes, balancing service reliability and delivery speed.

An experienced Cloud DevOps engineer can help your company to bring products to market faster by streamlining CI/CD, foster a high level of security with automated services, reduce downtime through cloud-based continuous operations, and increase scalability, among other options.


DevSecOps combines development, security, and operations practices to automate the integration of security as a shared responsibility in the software development lifecycle at its every step, promoting thinking about application and infrastructure security from the very beginning.

A professional DevSecOps consultant can help to pick the right tools to integrate security best practices, as well as address security issues as/if they appear and before they go into production, enhancing the speed of detecting bugs and insecurities and resolving them for good. What’s more, DevSecOps can assist in setting up application and infrastructure security as a shared responsibility of Dev and Ops, promoting team collaboration and shared vision.

CI/CD DevOps

CI/CD is a crucial DevOps method practice that allows developers to deliver applications faster and ensure frequent updates. Notably, CI/CD is usually referred to as continuous integration and continuous delivery, but the second part can also stand for continuous deployment, and a skilled CI/CD expert knows how to use the right tools and approaches to ensure the company gains all the benefits from CI/CD.

An experienced consultant can help businesses to set up a CI/CD pipeline into their software development lifecycles to optimize processes, increase development speed, monitor code changes and issues effectively, introduce new features quickly, improve collaboration and visibility, and much more.

IaC DevOps

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) implies infrastructure management (networks, load balancers, virtual machines, etc.), being one of the core DevOps practices used with continuous delivery. IaC specialists know how to ensure improved productivity and reliability by managing infrastructure via source control, conducting a detailed audit, unit and functional testing, and enabling collaboration around infrastructure configuration and provisioning between Dev and Ops.

If you’re looking for high-end and cost-effective DevOps services, hire a highly experienced DevOps consultant here and get a tailored quality solution for your company!
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